The Wilsonville Equestrian Center Riding School is staffed by certified instructors who take a unique approach to teaching.  For every level of riding we have a certification program which must be met to advance to the next level.  This ensures our students have adequate time and training at each level before they move to the next level, resulting in happy and confident riders.  This program also helps create safe, goal oriented and knowledgeable riders.  Not only do we teach how to ride but we also teach anatomy, mechanics of the horse, horse behavior, and proper care and nutrition of horses.

Our students begin with an orientation class which allows our instructors to evaluate each students riding ability on an individual basis placing them into the correct level class.  At WEC, we offer both group and private lessons.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are taught in groups of 2-4 horses. There are many benefits to learning in a group lesson versus a private lesson. Riders in a group have the ability to watch their peers and learn from each other as well as the instructor. Group lessons also encourage building friendships with other people who enjoy doing what you love.  Typically, group lessons are for beginning to intermediate riders that enjoy having a fun time with other people at their skill and age level.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are for the more advanced rider who requires exclusive time with a trainer or an instructor.  A private lesson is a way to have more concentrated learning time and focus on specific goals.

Standard Riding Lessons Rates & Availability:

Lessons are offered Monday through Friday.

Group Lessons:    $45.00 each, sold in packages of 4 ($180) or 8 ($320)
Private Lessons:   $55.00 each

Additional Lessons and Events

WEC also offers fun classes throughout the year including:

  • Mommie and Me Classes
  • Dutchess Day
  • Trail Riding
  • and more!